Mortgage Agent / Partner


Andy studied Management Organizational Studies at Western University. Upon completion of his studies at Western, Andy worked as a Mobile Mortgage Advisor. Andy’s business has always been built on providing friendly, honest and personalized advice to his clients. He quickly learned that he could better serve his clients in the mortgage industry outside of the bank.

Andy started putting a plan together with two of his colleagues from the bank that would allow them to leave the bank and invest in a mortgage broker office within London. Andy’s financial background allowed him to start working on the details of renovating an office space to make it their own. In March of 2019, Andy and his two business partners left the bank and opened BNB Financial Group under Mortgage Alliance. On October 1, 2021, Andy Jia and the team at BNB Financial Group merged with Vine Group.

Andy leverages his finance background and understanding of investments to assist and educate his clients with their real estate investments. He has had the opportunity to build relationships with several lenders who each have their special programs suitable for his client’s lending needs, allowing him to ensure his clients are paired with the best lender for their financial needs.

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