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Austin, a seasoned real estate investor, has acquired a property value exceeding $10 million in just 5 years, achieving this milestone before turning 30. Financing has played a crucial part in Austin’s growth, with strategic maneuvers such as financing distressed property purchases, leveraging private money, smith maneuver, refinances, dealing with commercial financing, and employing creative financing methods like VTBs (vendor take-back mortgages).

His goal is to simplify the complexities of real estate for the everyday person and empower others to grow their real estate portfolio. With diverse first-hand investing experience in condo investing, assignment sales, multi-family investing, duplex conversions, Airbnb, student rentals, pre-construction, and fix and flipping, Austin is dedicated to educating others on both investing and financing strategies to reach their long-term financial goals.

In pursuit of his goal to educate the general public about real estate, Austin established RISE Network. This dynamic Ontario-based real estate community has grown to over 7,300 members and is committed to fostering connections among like-minded investors, providing mutual support throughout their investment journeys. Additionally, Austin co-hosts the RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast, which has amassed over 285,000 downloads. Through this platform, he conducts insightful interviews with a diverse range of real estate experts and investors, offering valuable educational content on various real estate topics.

Raised by immigrant parents in blue-collar jobs, Austin built a strong work ethic from a young age. Before venturing into real estate, he garnered professional experience through various internships in audit, consulting, and corporate strategy. Austin then embarked on a full-time career in commercial banking at the largest Canadian bank, eventually transitioning into a role as a full-time real estate entrepreneur. Starting with $40k in savings in late 2018, he expanded his real estate portfolio to over 25 properties within 5 years. Beyond real estate, Austin loves spending time with his best friend – his pet corgi, Arlo, exploring the world through maximizing credit card points (ask him how!), and indulging in his passion for hip-hop, both old school and new!

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