Kaitlyn Ridout

The VINE Rant: How has COVID-19 changed the property appraisal process?

Special guest, Rudy Naraine (Senior Executive National Manager – Broker Services, The Nationwide Group – NAS) sheds some light on how the appraisal service network was changed by the pandemic and how they adapted so quickly to the COVID-19 lending environment.

Are lenders open to accepting to automated valuation appraisal model (AVM)? Are property values more conservative because AVMs are more common? Are regular appraisal service methods going to be returning any time soon and what should be predicted for appraisal services in the near future?

Tune in to hear Rudy’s first-hand experience over the past few months.

The VINE Rant: Banker to Broker – Alberta Market Update with Kim Nguyen

How has COVID-19 affected business in Alberta?

Tune in to hear from VINE Group Mortgage Associate, Kim Nguyen, as she discusses what she has experienced over the last few months of the pandemic. Learn about the philosophies she attributes to her success in the business as she and Hugo Dos Reis chat about her move from bank to broker and the key factors that helped her with the learning curve.

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