Vine Edition: Mortgage rates have gone up again. Looking beyond headlines.

The Bank of Canada (BOC) increased their overnight rate by 1.00%, bringing it to 2.50% on July 13th, taking the Prime rate for most lenders to 4.70%. This is the fourth increase in 2022. The increase was higher than expected as most economists had forecasted an increase of 0.75%, making this one of the highest increases since 1998.

David Goncalves and Hugo Dos Reis weigh in on the current rate environment, their expectations for the near future and what they have been suggesting to their clients.

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Vine Edition: Home Renovation Trends Post-Covid

Vine Group’s Hugo Dos Reis chats with Nuno Pinheiro of Pine Hill Homes Inc. about how the pandemic has impacted the home renovation trends.

What types of projects are people considering, with more time being spent at home? What should homeowners expect timelines and material availability to look like?

Visit Pine Hill Homes website ( and Instagram account ( for a peek into the amazing projects they are currently working on.

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The Vine Rant: Canadian Real Estate Market Update with CMHC

Tune in to hear Vine Group’s Hugo Dos Reis (Mortgage Broker & Partner) and CMHC’s Robert Taylor (Account Manager – Client Relations) chat about the trends that are affecting applications and what the change to the current stress test could mean for the Canadian real estate market.
*Recorded prior to the announcement confirming June 1, 2021 Stress Test*

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The Vine Rant: BC Real Estate Market 2021 – How to Ensure You’re in the Best Possible Position

The end of 2020 saw buyers in the BC detached market having to strategize and look at the big picture for their offers, for the best possibility to secure the home that they want.

Are appraisals coming back below the purchase price because we are seeing a lot of properties selling well over the asking price? What types of properties and neighbourhoods are hot spots for purchases in BC, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? How is the new norm of working remotely affecting real estate?

VINE Group’s Paul Tsu and Hugo Dos Reis have an in-depth discussion with John Powers (Realtor, Powers Real Estate) about the current real estate market in British Columbia.

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