The Vine Rant: Banker to Broker – Alberta Market Update with Kim Nguyen

How has COVID-19 affected business in Alberta?

Tune in to hear from VINE Group Mortgage Associate, Kim Nguyen, as she discusses what she has experienced over the last few months of the pandemic. Learn about the philosophies she attributes to her success in the business as she and Hugo Dos Reis chat about her move from bank to broker and the key factors that helped her with the learning curve.

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The Vine Rant: Banker to Broker – The Sky’s the Limit

Hugo Dos Reis chats with Charles Kornbluth about his leap from his career at a big bank to becoming a VINE Group Mortgage Agent.

Why did he make the decision to move on from the security of the bank?
How did VINE Group’s underwriting HUB help him with his transition to becoming a Mortgage Agent?

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The Vine Rant: Banker to Broker – Risks vs. Rewards

Christopher Darwiche, David Goncalves and Hugo Dos Reis chat about their transition from Mortgage Specialist at the bank to becoming a Mortgage Broker and touch on some of the reasons they chose the path to become entrepreneurs.

How did their careers with the banks help them build exposure to the industry and financial advice? Do they regret their decision? What are the misconceptions with the transition? What are the risks and the rewards?

At VINE Group, we have been continuously setting the benchmark for what it means to be a Mortgage Team in Canada.
We offer our agents access to an in-house underwriting team, training resources and mentorship with some of the top producers in the industry, top tier status with all of our lender partners, and much more.

With control, prosperity will come – no matter what the situation. Are YOU in control?

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The Vine Rant: Market drops 65% and we grew 40% in April

The current economic environment has completely changed the real estate landscape as a result of COVID-19.

When others see adversity we see opportunity. Despite seeing over 65% drop in real estate purchases we’ve been able to continue to grow our business, improve efficiencies, double down on technology and marketing investments, while keeping all our full-time staff onboard and agents productive.

The glass should always be half-full and remaining positive will allow you to prevail, despite current challenges.

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The Vine Rant: COVID-19 and Rate Fluctuations

The VINE Rant is BACK for a special episode – VINE Group partners, David Goncalves, Hugo Dos Reis and Christopher Darwiche, virtually sit down together to talk about the rate fluctuations in the industry and how clients are reacting. Are the fluctuations a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic? Tune in to hear our thoughts. Be well and stay safe everyone!

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The Vine Rant: Negative Interest Rates

Negative interest rates? VINE Group Partners are back on the RANT discussing everyone’s favourite topic: Interest Rates! The Partners share the thoughts on global rate trends and where they think Canadian mortgage rates are headed in the near future.

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The Vine Rant: Zeifmans Real Estate Accounting

Zeifmans is a full-service tax, accounting and business consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada. David Posner (Zeifmans Partner) and Jonah Bidner (Zeifmans Senior Canadian Tax Manager) visited VINE Group’s office to discuss accounting tips for real estate investors and trends they are seeing through their experience. Big shout out to these rockstar accountants!
Great ideas. Positive impact. That’s Zeifmans.

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The Vine Rant: Broker vs. Branch

Johnson Andrews and Rahul Saggu discuss how client experience might differ if you walked into a branch seeking financing vs. building a relationship with a VINE Group Mortgage Professional to find a customized solution.

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