January 16, 2023

The Smith Manoeuvre

Debt is pretty much a given for most Canadians. But do you have the wrong kind of debt?

The wealthy have debt too. The difference is that they turn their loans into “good debt” by making the interest tax-deductible with the help of accountants and lawyers. So, while the wealthy are transforming their house mortgage loans into free tax refunds, the rest of us are paying off massive amounts of mortgage interest with after-tax income. 

Until now. 

I’m here to introduce you to a simple, and robust method that extends those tax-saving benefits to the rest of Canadians. It’s called the Smith Manoeuvre. 

I am a certified Smith Manoeuvre specialist, and I can help you turn your bad debt into good debt right away! 

Are You Investing Enough, Soon Enough?

The Smith Manoeuvre is an amazingly efficient way to raise large amounts of new money through free tax refunds, so you can start building a giant nest egg sooner. How would you like an additional $750 per month to invest for your future? Maybe $1,000 per month? More?

Is Your Mortgage Bleeding You Dry?

A $500,000 mortgage at 4.0% over 25 years will set you back about $289,000 in interest costs. So, that $500,000 will end up costing you over $789,000. And that’s after-tax income, which means you’ll have to earn about $1,127,000 to pay off your home if you’re in the 30% tax bracket. 

No wonder it’s challenging to save for the future!


If you make your mortgage tax-deductible using The Smith Manoeuvre, you will recover a good chunk of that interest in the form of yearly tax refunds. You’ll be able to pay it off much sooner than expected. Isn’t this exciting?

Let’s See an Example! 

Meet John. John has a 25-year mortgage, a 2.8% mortgage rate, a 2.95% line of credit borrowing rate, and an 8% forecasted investment growth rate.

His house is valued at $400,000, and his mortgage is $300,000. With the Smith Manoeuvre, John will reduce his tax bill by almost $30,000, get rid of his non-deductible mortgage debt 1.5 years sooner and increase his net worth by over $343,000. 

John didn’t have to come up with any extra monthly cash; his Smith Manoeuvre professional just helped him restructure his money flow. 

Your results will depend on several factors, like your debt and tax rate, but how much better off could you be? Let’s ask the question and find out! 

Ready to accelerate it even more?

If you have a rental property, or have been considering obtaining a rental property, you could accelerate your results dramatically through a strategic realignment of existing cash flows called the Cash Flow Dam.  This often results in a personal shortened mortgage amortization of under 12 years or less! 

The Cash Flow Dam is just one of 5 accelerators that can be utilized under the Smith Manoeuvre Strategy to achieve dramatic results.

Ask Me About the Smith Manoeuvre Today!

The Smith Manoeuvre uses powerful debt conversion techniques to transform mortgage interest into tax deductions. It has a snowball effect that generates large and growing annual tax refunds. 

It lets homeowners knock years off the life of a non-deductible mortgage and simultaneously build an impressive financial portfolio. 

It is the most efficient way for families to raise the resources they need to secure their house and income in retirement. The Smith Manoeuvre uses the legal tools of the CRA and Canadian Financial institutions. 

It has been reviewed by Revenue Canada staff and endorsed by respected financial experts and economists, investment planners, and lenders, including myself. 

Click here to ask me about the Smith Manoeuvre today, and let’s find out what it can do for you! 

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