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Denise - Square B&W PRINT

Denise had excelled in the mortgage space since 2007 when she started in residential lending. Since starting in the industry as a broker, diverse offerings have always been part of her service. Denise has a long history of relationships with lenders and industry suppliers that assist in efficient deal management.

With a strong business background and a passion for commercial investment opportunities, Denise decided to shift focus to commercial financing when she joined Vine Group in 2020 to work on investor and business owner needs. 

Through Vine Group’s extensive network of lenders, Denise gets to dig in with investors to find the right deal structure for the diverse needs of commercial real estate.

Denise is comfortable with purchase and refinance transactions in all commercial asset classes but specializes in multi-unit residential properties, mixed-use, industrial, plaza, and owner-occupied assets. 

Having been in the industry for over 15 years, Denise understands that the real estate market is constantly changing; there’s a continuous need to assess current market trends and lending appetites. Staying up-to-date is vital to assisting investors with their ongoing portfolio needs.

 Through the years, Denise has shown a commitment to excellence in lender and client communication and the ability to assess borrower solutions quickly and effectively. If you’re wondering where to start or how to get your next project moving, Denise is a fantastic resource and can point you in the right direction for your financing solution and add valuable insight.

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