We have access to 60+ lenders across Canada – including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders; our team has the tools to help you build your business.

To create the unparalleled mortgage experiences for our clients that Vine Group aims for, we rely on business tools that simplify our day-to-day tasks and align with our brand. We equip our mortgage agents with a robust toolkit, systems resources and marketing support to help you start on the right foot.




Mortgage Associate, Alberta

My search for a new brokerage started in 2016, and it was an arduous process. I had a preconceived notion that all brokerages had a culture of smiling in a group setting when all the agents were there, but secretly plot of how you could steal their clients or referral sources. The culture I was a part of did not foster any type of collaborative approach, where agents could come together to share ideas and grow together – collaboration amongst peers at a brokerage was top of the list for me.
In speaking with many other brokerages, the recruiting theme was what could I do for them – then I meet with a Regional Lead  from Mortgage Alliance, who said that I should speak with Kim Nguyen from Vine Group. To my delight, the conversation with Kim was all about the Vine Way of supporting the agents first as it was designed with the agent in mind first and foremost. The synergy that Kim created at the onset was matched by the one question David Goncalves asked of me: “Are you coachable? We want agents to learn the Vine Way and celebrate all agents’ success. We are here to support the agent!”
Vine Group defines collaboration and is truly agent-centred. All they ask in return: own your knowledge, never stop growing, build your personal brand, elevate the client experience – we got you!”



Mortgage Agent, Ontario

“In this business reputation is everything and it was important for me to join a well-respected, highly regarded team of individuals. Joining Vine Group gives you access not just to resources but also to some truly great finance minds. Also, a level of credibility because they are known for their high standards, and they have done a fantastic job at growing the business not just for individual agents, but so we can all grow together as a team.”


Mortgage Associate, Alberta

“The reason why I chose Vine Group is because of the culture and community created within. We are all like-minded individuals coming together to help one another grow our ever-changing business. The collective knowledge that this team has is unheard of. We have professionals from all sorts of various banking backgrounds (residential, commercial) who are more than happy to share and help when possible. With Vine Group, I feel like innovation and making every agent successful have always been important and top of mind while making sure the client experience is taken to the next level.”


At Vine Group, we promise you extraordinary people, extraordinary challenges and the opportunity to build your future success.

We Only Hire the Best

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    Vine Group’s mission is to empower our agents to be the very best they can be and to raise the bar on the client experience. 

    We have been continuously setting the benchmark for what it means to be a Mortgage Team in Canada.

     We are proud to be named Mortgage Alliance’s #1 Team in volume in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.  

    In 2020, over 50% of our agents were recognized as top performers in Canada.

     Here are the top NINE reasons why you should consider joining Vine Group.


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