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Lauren provides strategic financing advice for real estate investors, home, and business owners, with solutions from over 60 lenders including major banks, credit unions, specialty lenders, and private financiers.

Clients enjoy access to her professional network which includes boutique lenders and financial services professionals typically exclusive to the top 1% of individuals.

Lauren joined VINE Group after establishing her career on Toronto’s Bay Street and holds an HBA in Economics from the University of Toronto. She lives in Niagara and advises clients across the GTA and Southern Ontario.


Client Testimonials

‘From the first day I met Lauren, I knew it was going to be a life long relationship! She is a one-in-a-million who will take the time to fully understand your wishes and requirements, then, transforms it into your dream come true! She goes above and beyond with sincerity and most important of all, she is there for you no matter what the situation is. Thank you, Lauren. I'm looking forward to working with you on many more dream-come-true opportunities!’
– Kathy
‘Smart, professional, hard working, reliable. I would recommend to everyone.'
– Barbara
‘Lauren is knowledgeable, very thorough, and (somehow) manages to make any complexity surrounding a mortgage, seem simple. Her friendly demeanor and approach really helps put you at ease and gives you the confidence you need to take the next step. I attended an information session Lauren hosted. I learned more in that one hour than the countless hours spent meeting with the major banks. It’s obvious she is very organized and does everything to set you up for success. She is all about saving you money! And, that’s not something you see every day.'
– Samantha
‘I am a Niagara Realtor who has just represented a buyer on a recent purchase that Lauren did the work on funding. Lauren was quick and transparent on the application process and was able to come up with a quick and seamless approval for the clients who now are happy homeowners, Thank you so much Lauren for all your hard work, I look forward to working with you again in helping future clients achieve their dreams of home ownership! Thank you!'
– Joshua
‘Great representative who is knowledgeable and helpful in many areas. Thanks for the help and direction!'
– Simon
‘I am a Windsor Real Estate Agent and had a client recently close on a property here in town. Lauren was an absolute breath of fresh air. She was efficient, transparent, and delivered on her promises. She kept me updated through every step of the approval process and facilitated a smooth and timely closing. I would highly recommend her friendly and professional services, and will also be recommending her to my GTA clients. Thank you Lauren! #laurenrocks'
– Jessica
‘From the moment we met I felt relaxed and trusted her to have my best interests at heart as we embarked on this financial journey. I say "we" because she expertly guided me through every step along the way. Lauren is very thorough, professional, kind and very approachable with any and all questions I had. Truly an expert in her field! I am honoured to have her as a friend and member of my financial team. Thank you Lauren for all your hard work going above and beyond helping my dreams come true!'
– Jen
‘Lauren is awesome! I sent Lauren a difficult referral for a client in desperate need of a refinance. Lauren rose to the occasion and provided exactly what the client needed with amazing service. I cannot recommend Lauren enough! Thank you!'
– Henri
‘When I first met Lauren at a local charity event, right away we connected. I instantly felt like I knew her for years. Our friendship grew quickly over the months and as we continued to share our drive for success and putting the client first, I knew she was the right mortgage broker I could refer my clients to. I could sense the honesty, knowledge, experience, trust and transparency that Lauren strives upon. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Lauren to anyone, and everyone! Thank you, Lauren, for taking care of my clients. You are a wonderful resource and have created that added value to my business. I look forward to continuing to work together!'
– Rachel
‘As a Real Estate Agent when selecting a Mortgage Broker to refer my clients I am looking for a Broker who is knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly can communicate clearly with the clients and myself. Lauren is the perfect example of this skill set. She takes the time to explain the importance of process and required documentation to the clients. Her knowledge and expertise allow her to get the deal done even in tricky situations. Most importantly she's always available to answer my clients questions and keeps me in the loop. This allows for a seamless Real Estate transaction. As an Agent I highly recommend working with Lauren. Keep up the good work!'
– Marlow
‘Lauren is an excellent mortgage agent who will find a great rate for you along with providing fantastic service. Highly recommended.'
– Hannah
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