Mortgage Broker


Meet Linda Campbell, a seasoned mortgage broker with over 25 years of experience dedicated to transforming homeownership dreams into reality. Through collaborative partnerships with top realtors, Linda has built a reputation grounded in professionalism, extensive knowledge, and genuine care for her clients.

As a valued member of the Vine Group, Linda leverages her wealth of expertise and taps into an extensive network of over 60 lenders. Her dedication extends beyond securing the best rates; she is devoted to crafting solutions tailored precisely to meet her client’s unique needs.


Beyond her expertise in mortgages, Linda finds immense joy in pursuing her passions. A passionate traveller, she eagerly embraces new experiences across the globe. At home, her creative spirit thrives in her love for home decor, curating spaces that embody both comfort and style. Additionally, Linda treasures the tranquillity of cottage living, finding solace and peace in the embrace of nature.

With Linda Campbell, you’ll not only benefit from the guidance of a knowledgeable mortgage professional but also experience the genuine care and commitment of an individual dedicated to ensuring your homeownership journey is seamless and rewarding.

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