Mortgage Agent /Partner

Matt Shaw - SQ BW

Matt always felt a draw to entrepreneurship through his high school and post-secondary career. In 2009, he had the opportunity to buy into his first Dairy Queen franchise with his business partner. Matt spent the next six years building the business and bought into two more franchises soon after accepting the Mobile Mortgage Advisor role at CIBC.

In his first two years at CIBC, Matt landed in the top 10% in Canada. He found his true passion in the financial services industry, helping his clients achieve the biggest financial goal of their lives. Matt was fortunate enough to have many repeat clients through his five years at the bank, who also referred him to their friends, family, and colleagues. After a few years, Matt found that working for the bank limited the options available to his clients and their financial picture.

As he continued to grow his business, Matt realized that shifting to the broker space would provide more customized solutions for his clients. 

In March 2019, Matt and his two business partners joined forces, moved to the broker space, and started BNB Financial Group under The Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada. 

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