VINE Group’s very own Peter Kinch recently spoke at the Victoria Real Estate Investment EXPO on his ‘Gap Analysis©‘.

The ‘Gap Analysis©‘ begins with an inventory of where you are today, analyses where you need to be or want to be in the future and then helps you to map out a game plan on how to get there. It is a process of ‘reverse-engineering’ whereby you first determine what end result or goal you want to accomplish regardless of what you’re investing in. Once you know the goal, make sure that every investment action is taken with the end –result in mind so that your investment actions are consistent with your desired goals.

The ‘Gap Analysis©’ will help you integrate all your investing – both real estate and non-real estate – into an holistic financial plan focused on your goals. This will allow you to invest with confidence and clarity knowing that every action is taken with the end result in mind.

To hear Peter Kinch’s presentation from the EXPO, click here.

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