While interest rates spiked and new purchases slowed throughout most of last year in Canada’s housing market, there’s still plenty of opportunity for agents and brokers who are ready to innovate and adapt to the new climate they face as 2023 gets underway.


In that much-changed market, now more than ever is the time for mortgage professionals to focus on educating clients and establishing themselves as a trusted source of expertise in specific areas, according to Hugo Dos Reis, partner and broker at Vine Group Mortgage Alliance.


“There’s still a healthy amount of demand for our market and there’s always an opportunity to do business,” he told Canadian Mortgage Professional. “You just have to find a niche, provide some education to clients, and you can still excel in the current market – and possibly do even better.”


That’s been evident at Vine Group, which has seen numerous successful mortgage agents leverage niche markets to grow their business and develop new business in recent years.

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