Why Vine Group?

A well-structured mortgage plan is essential as it can protect you from a financial downturn, save you thousands of dollars and help build your wealth over time. Vine Group is a diverse team of agents with backgrounds in banking and financial planning.

we pride ourselves On offering a seamless experience from start to finish.

Leveraging our background in financial services with access to a national network of lenders, we are here to provide every client with a customized financing solution ensuring the mortgage product you receive is best suited to your specific circumstance.


When shopping for a property, ensuring that you understand your mortgage options will allow for a more stress-free experience. When you know exactly where you stand in terms of financing, you will be able to remain very competitive with your property offers.

Pre-approvals are not precisely formal approval, and lenders will include every condition possible to ensure they are protected. Often clients purchase a property after receiving a pre-approval, only to find they cannot proceed and are left scrambling for alternatives.

At Vine Group, we take a very different approach and incorporate a pre-positioning analysis. We will collect all documents upfront to ensure an accurate review and ask you all the questions in advance that could impact your approval. This ensures that our assessment is correct and keeps you from encountering surprises once the property has been purchased.


Purchasing your first home can be overwhelming, as it involves: obtaining a mortgage, dealing with a lawyer, working with a realtor, managing new property expenses, paperwork, appraisals and inspections, etc.
Allow our team to give you white glove service by leveraging our first-class knowledge and access to 60+ lenders nationwide to ensure a streamlined experience.

When purchasing one of the biggest assets in your life make sure you have the best team behind you.


With access to 60+ lenders nationwide, we can take a high-level view of your financing needs and strategically place you with various lenders to ensure you can continue to grow your rental portfolio successfully without hitting that “financing wall.”

Investment Property financing is one of our specialties. We understand investors and their needs. We’ve taken our proprietary Blueprint approach to mortgage lending for investors. With access to 60+ lenders nationwide, we can take a high-level view of your financing needs and strategically place you with various lenders to ensure you can continue to successfully grow your rental portfolio without hitting that “financing wall”.


Whether you’re renewing your mortgage at the end of your term or considering a refinance allowing you to restructure your mortgage, our team of experts can leverage our first-class knowledge and access to 60+ lenders nationwide to ensure a customized solution for your needs.


If you’re self-employed like us, you’ve likely experienced how difficult it can be to obtain financing from a lender. With 15% of the Canadian population being self-employed, the reality is that most of these individuals show much less income on their tax returns than they earn. While this allows significant tax savings, it will work against you when obtaining mortgage financing. Generally, most lenders will only take the last two years’ of net income (not gross) and use this as a benchmark to determine the mortgage you qualify for. In many cases, this works against you on a mortgage application, resulting in a loan below your desired amount.


We are also self-employed and speak your language. With access to 60+ lenders nationwide, including credit unions, non-bank lenders and alternative lenders, we can find a customized solution for our self-employed clients’ unique needs.


Reverse Mortgages are a fairly new mortgage solution in Canada that more and more people are taking advantage of. The main principle behind a Reverse Mortgage is the ability to unlock available equity within your primary residence tax-free in either one lump-sum or in regular payments.

This solution is ideal for 55+ year old clients that may have limited or no income and would otherwise have to sell their home to unlock funds as they are unable to get traditional lending. A Reverse Mortgages can also be a great way to supplement your income as you can set up regular payments to yourself tax-free!

If you own your home are 55+ with little or no income and you’re looking to unlock funds in your home or supplement your income then this is worth considering.

The Vine Edition is an unfiltered discussion on what’s trending in the Canadian real estate market and mortgage industry.



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