Regional Director / Mortgage Broker

Shannon Patterson

Shannon Patterson has always been passionate about working with individuals to help them achieve their goals. In 1997, at the age of 24, Shannon started her first successful small business and now has over 20 years of experience in client care, including a rewarding career in Coaching and Performance Training.

In 2007, during the process of buying her first home, she developed a continuing relationship with her Mortgage Alliance mortgage broker. She immediately recognized the benefit and potential opportunities to be realized from working with a professional who not only demystified the mortgage lending process but assisted her in pro-actively managing her mortgage. The result was savings of thousands of dollars in interest payments and ultimately achieving her financial goals sooner. Over the years Shannon has developed a passion for real estate investment. Her personal success inspired her to obtain her Mortgage Brokers license in 2012 and join Mortgage Alliance Canada.

Time and money are two of your most valuable resources. Shannon is committed to simplifying & de-stressing your mortgage application process. She will take care of the details, providing you with straightforward and easy to understand communication throughout. Whether you are applying for your first mortgage, renewing your existing mortgage, refinancing or purchasing and investment property, Shannon is dedicated to working with you to achieve your real estate goals in this ever changing, complex and sometimes challenging mortgage market.

Client Testimonials

'Shannon is an excellent Mortgage Broker. Very professional, detailed-oriented and insightful. She was a genuine pleasure to go through the process with. I highly recommend her.'
- Martin Anstey, Vancouver BC
'Shannon is the BEST! She takes the time to really get to know a client and ensures that you are matched with the best lender for your needs. We were extremely impressed with Shannon's personal approach as well as her concern for us as people. This wasn't simply a business deal that she wanted to land: This was a personalized and thoughtful experience. Renewing a mortgage or buying a new home can be stressful; Shannon makes it easy, and takes the worry out of the process. She works with reputable, reliable and reasonably priced partners. We'll be going back to Shannon next time we need mortgage help - and you should too.'
- Colin McKenna, Vancouver BC
'One in a Million. Working with Shannon was absolutely amazing. She was always available for any questions that I had and was extremely knowledgeable. There was not a question that she couldn't answer. She was positive, encouraging, and very real. I would recommend her to anyone - and in fact have done so numerous times!'
- Jocelyn Howery, Kelowna BC
'I give Shannon a high five for all her efforts, knowledge and kindness in helping us with our subdivision and mortgage. It's always great talking to her as we learn more and more each time we converse. Thanks again Shannon, you're simply the best!'
- Teresa Davie
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