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A weekly discussion on what’s trending in the Canadian mortgage market.


The VINE Rant: Real Estate Predictions for 2019

Looking to buy or invest this year? Paul D'Abruzzo from Rockstar Real Estate in Oakville joins The VINE Rant this week to give us a recap on 2018 real estate trends and share his insights on what the market will hold for 2019.


The Vine Rant: Private Lending (Part 2)

Continuing our discussion on private lending with Joseph Fooks and Lawrence Schwartz from JV Capital, they explain how technology has helped them eliminate the process of manually underwriting commitments to provide investors and mortgage professionals with more efficient service.

The VINE Rant: How Bond Yields Affect Mortgage Rates

On December 18th, 2018, the Bank of Canada's 5-Year Benchmark Bond Yield broke a threshold point of just under 2%. As mortgage rates are backed by bond yields, we asked ourselves why is this happening and what does this mean for the average Canadian consumer heading into 2019.

the vine rant: private lending (part 1)

With an increasing number of home buyers looking to private investors to help fund their mortgage, Joseph Fooks and Lawrence Schwartz from JV Capital join us for this two-part Rant to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of private equity.

The VINE Rant: QUalifying for a Mortgage After Being Laid Off

With the recent news of GM closing its plant in Oshawa, Ontario, we wanted to discuss some alternate solutions for client's who's mortgage financing is possibly in jeopardy when being laid off or downsized.

the vine rant: lender conditioning

One of the biggest struggles we deal with is over conditioning from lenders. Vine Group's Team Lead for Alberta, Kim Nguyen joins us to share her thoughts on the current lending environment in Alberta.

The VINE Rant: The Future of Mortgage BrokerinG

Following last week’s passionate conversation surrounding the future of mortgage lending, we brought in Vine Group’s Regional Director & Mortgage Broker, Shannon Patterson to weigh in on the subject and how our careers as brokers may be affected.

The VINE Rant: The Future of Mortgage Lending

The future of financing is hard to predict. The mortgage lending industry is becoming much more automated, so we took a look at how this could affect qualifying through online applications and in turn, our role as an agent.

the vine rant: new construction

When buying a new or pre-construction, many clients believe that this is a "guaranteed win", but don't take into consideration the risk and lifestyle changes that could occur in the 2-5 years it takes to construct a new development.

The vine rant: retrofit properties

Do you know the difference between retrofit and legal units? Simon La from My Capital Corner joins us this week to discuss which option adds more value, lender qualification and risk versus reward.

the vine rant: lets talk about rates (part 2)

As our conversation surrounding rates continues, the VINE Partners discuss the fear of the variable, global movement on inflation, and if the banks will change their mindset when it comes to credit.

The vine rant: lets talk about rates (Part 1)

The days of rates being below 3% are gone, so what's next? Will history repeat itself?

The VINE Rant: Industry Perceptions

Our Director of Operations, Kaitlyn Ridout join us to share an outsider's perspective on the mortgage industry and perceptions of a Mortgage Agent.


the vine rant: quality vs. quantity

VINE Group Partners explain what IFRS 9 means and how the changes will affect the mortgage industry in Canada.

A word to the wise; investment properties are not a short-term transaction but a 20-year investment.

the vine rant: September market update

the vine rant: mortgage applications

The kids are back to school and we're back to work. Time for a market update on this week's VINE Rant.

Applying for a mortgage? Here are 10 things you shouldn't do on your next application.

the vine rant: choosing your real estate lawyer and accountant

The VINE Rant: rental properties & financing

As the market slows down in August, we decide to take a moment to discuss the changes in real estate investment financing.

Real Estate Lawyer Manpreet Kahlon from the Legal Studio as well as Oscar Torres, Partner at Bateman MacKay LLP, join VINE Group Partners Hugo Dos Reis and Christopher Darwiche on this week's rant. 

the VINE rant: traditional banks vs. monoline lenders

the vine rant: insured? insurable? uninsurable?

VINE Group Agents Carrie Lee and Richard Tartaglia join us to discuss traditional banks versus monoline lenders and the challenges, misconceptions, advantages and disadvantages associated with both.

VINE Group Partners Hugo Dos Reis and Christopher Darwiche touch on pre-approvals, secondary homes, and the difference between insured, insurable, and uninsurable. 

the vine rant: choosing an investment property

the vine rant: bank of canada rate increase

Matthew Lee, Founder & Head of Business Development from Volition Investment Properties joins us on this week's panel to discuss cash flowing investment properties, tenants, purchase plus investments, equity and what the future holds for millennial purchasers.

Welcome to the first episode of The VINE Rant! With the Bank of Canada (BoC) raising the benchmark rate for the fourth time in the last 12 months, on this episode VINE Group Partners David Goncalves and Hugo Dos Reis, along with VINE Group Agent, Jason John discuss client concerns on the rate hike; how to plan for future increases and pre-approvals due diligence before you put in an offer.