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A weekly discussion on what’s trending in the Canadian mortgage market.

the vine rant: episode 09

Investment properties are not a short-term transaction but a 20-year investment. VINE Group Partners Hugo Dos Reis and David Goncalves explain why it’s all about quality, not quantity.

the vine rant: episode 08

the vine rant: episode 07

The kids are back to school and we're back to work. Time for a market update on this week's VINE Rant.

Applying for a mortgage? Here are 10 things you should't do on your next application.

the vine rant: episode 06

The VINE Rant: Episode 05 

VINE Group Partners Hugo Dos Reis & Christopher Darwiche rant on investment properties.

Real estate Lawyer Manpreet Kahlon from the Legal Studio as well as Oscar Torres, Partner at Bateman MacKay LLP, join VINE Group Partners Hugo Dos Reis and Christopher Darwiche on this week's rant. 

the VINE rant: Episode 04

the vine rant: episode 03

VINE Group Agents Carrie Lee and Richard Tartaglia join us to discuss traditional banks versus monoline lenders and the challenges, misconceptions, advantages and disadvantages associated with both.

VINE Group Partners Hugo Dos Reis and Christopher Darwiche touch on pre-approvals, secondary homes, and the difference between insured, insurable, and uninsurable. 

the vine rant: episode 02

the vine rant: episode 01

Matthew Lee, Founder & Head of Business Development from Volition Investment Properties joins us as our first expert contributor to discuss the current market for investment properties. 

With the recent benchmark increase by the Bank of Canada, VINE Group Partners David Goncalves and Hugo Dos Reis, and VINE Group Agent, Jason John, discuss how this will affect the Canadian market.