Mortgage Broker


Vikram Dhanju graduated as an architect in India and moved to Canada in 2002. He worked with various engineering companies in Ontario before transitioning to mortgage brokering in 2017.

With over three years of experience managing a team of 15+ mortgage agents at a reputable brokerage, Vikram specializes in financing for real estate investors, including strategies like BRRR and flipping. He also assists self-employed professionals and individuals with credit challenges. He has successfully funded deals with over 15 MICs in Ontario and manages a personal portfolio of seven rental units in the province. Beyond his expertise in mortgage brokering, Vikram brings experience as an insurance agent and is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. He prides himself on receiving 5-star reviews from past clients, highlighting his commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Outside work, Vikram is passionate about meditation and training the mind, demonstrating his dedication to personal growth and well-being. His proven project management skills enable him to seamlessly implement ideas from inception through to completion while maintaining a keen focus on detail and quality across multiple responsibilities.

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