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Informative videos on what's new and happening in the Canadian mortgage market. 

The vine rant: Episode 01


With the recent benchmark increase by the Bank of Canada, VINE Group Partners David Goncalves and Hugo Dos Reis, and VINE Group Agent, Jason John, discuss how this will affect the Canadian market. 

are you self-employed?

Self-employed individuals work hard for their money, so why are they scrutinized when it comes to real estate financing?

What due diligence?


If your bank or mortgage agent has not collected your income verification or your source of downpayment, how can you verify if your pre-approval has been confirmed?

the vine rant: episode 02


Matthew Lee, Founder & Head of Business Development from Volition Investment Properties joins us on this week's panel to discuss the current investment properties. 

strapped for cash?

mortgage agent vs. mortgage specialist


Did you know that you can use your RRSP's towards your down payment? 

Do you know the difference between a Mortgage Agent and Mortgage Specialist at the bank?

the interest-only mortgage is here!


This new product from one of our lenders offers interest-only payments, or a combination of interest-only payments and an amortizing payment with both fixed and ARM rates!


Don't wait until your maturity date, it's always good to review the options available to you


the vine rant: episode 03


VINE Group Partners Hugo Dos Reis and Christopher Darwiche touch on pre-approvals, secondary homes, and the difference between insured, insurable, and uninsurable. 

Rules for Renewal

Did you know that come January 1, 2019, there will also be basic requirements just for reapplying? 

5% Down Payment

If your mortgage is under $500K, you do have the option to put down a minimum of 5%.

the VINE rant: Episode 04


VINE Group Agents Carrie Lee and Richard Tartaglia join in on this week's Rant.