We have established strategic alliances with top wealth building companies to offer complete investment solutions to our clients.

Through our strategic alliances, you will have access to complete, diversified and customized investment advice whether you are just starting your wealth building journey, or you are a high-net-worth or accredited investor with a well-established portfolio.

We believe that everyone should have access to the best resources and tools to make smart and informed financial choices.


More and more Canadians are concerned today about their financial plans for retirement due to fear of volatility in the stock market, and housing market value fluctuations. The need for a holistic financial plan has never been greater, and that is why we go beyond just real estate or the stock markets.

The wealthiest families, pension funds, endowment funds and institutional investors in North America have one thing in common – they diversify their investments over four non-correlating asset classes; public markets, private markets, real estate and cash or cash equivalents.


If that’s the way the wealthiest families and institutional investors diversify their investment portfolios – shouldn’t you do the same?

Now more than ever, the advice you obtain for your investments is of the utmost importance.


Your situation is unique, that is why our strategic partners start with the end in mind and work backwards to make sure every investment decision is made in the context of meeting your needs and achieving your goals.

Our team of mortgage agents can introduce you to tax, estate, insurance or investment planning solution advisors and representatives that use both private and public market managed portfolio solutions.

At VINE Group, we have got you covered.


Why am I paying so much in taxes? Why does it feel like there just aren’t enough tax breaks? If you are a business owner, or you are a high-income earner, you have probably asked yourself these questions before. VINE Group Wealth hears you loud and clear.

VINE Group Wealth’s strategic partners utilize a wealth multiplying strategy that not only protects business owners from aggressive corporate passive income tax, but also minimizes tax erosion of the wealth you build. This approach is being utilized by some of Canada’s wealthiest families, and our strategic partners can introduce you to ways that help you maximize wealth building, defer taxes, all while creating capital dividend credits and retirement income for life.


The most familiar markets for the average retail investor are the public market, that include exchanges like the NYSE, TSX, and NASDAQ; the second is the bond market. The original and less well-known market to the average retail investor is the private market. The private market is sometimes referred to as the exempt or alternative market and has existed for hundreds of years. There has been a large and focused shift of capital into private market securities by the smartest money managers over the last decade.

The trend in the markets since the turn of the millennium has been away from the public market and towards the private markets for some very good reasons. The number of Publicly Listed Companies in the United States has shrunk from 6,917 in the year 2000 all the way down to 4,336 by 2017. Meanwhile, Private Equity Owned Companies have grown from 1,572 in the year 2000 all the way up to 7,596 by 2018. These three markets are available to individuals, business owners, corporate interests and large institutional investors.


There is a fundamental shift happening in the investment world to the private markets.

Money continues to be invested into the public markets, although to a lesser percentage than previous decades, whereas the Global Private Equity Markets attracted over $714 billion in 2018 and more than $3.7 trillion since 2014.

Over the last 20 years, the U.S. private market index has consistently outperformed the public markets and returned investors over 12% annualized returns versus the 20-year average annualized returns for the S&P 500 historical return of 6.67%.

Also, by participating in the private markets, you are investing directly in companies that have the potential to provide consistent growth, yield or a combination of both, while reallocating your portfolio and minimizing potential volatility from public market unpredictability. You will experience returns that are uncorrelated to the public market and directly correlated to the company’s or funds’ performance.

Although the private markets have been around for hundreds of years, until recently, only high-net-worth individuals, large institutional investors and governments have had the privilege access to these markets. Due to a combination of improved securities regulation, and quality of private offerings, the private markets have experienced significant growth by billions of dollars annually and are more accessible than ever for investors.

If you are a qualified investor (income of over $75,000 or a net worth of over $400,000) or an accredited investor, you are eligible to invest alongside many high-net-worth individuals and the large institutional investors in various private offerings from well established companies to some of the most leading edge businesses in the fastest growing sectors of the market. Only the top performing and consistent companies that have proven management teams and track records of delivering returns to their shareholders are selected for the right qualified or accredited investors.


Times are always changing, and VINE Group is changing with them. Historically, to access some of the best investment opportunities available, you needed to be an accredited, high-net-worth or large institutional investor. Fortunately, this is one of the areas that has changed and will continue to evolve with improved communication and technology now making many professional services available to almost anyone.

By filling out one of our online consultation forms, we can connect you with a wealth building professional that can introduce you to some of the latest market solutions and help you navigate the financial waters necessary to secure your future, while diversifying your assets and growing your wealth.

VINE Group continues to look to the future, and the future looks bright.

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