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Zack Schnurr-BW-SQ

After earning his B.Comm degree, Zack Schnurr embarked on a six-year career as a professional golfer, competing on mini-tours throughout the US with Charlotte, North Carolina, as his base. After securing one professional win, he pivoted away from pursuing a career on the PGA TOUR.

Transitioning to GOLFTEC, a prominent indoor teaching company with a global presence, Zack’s unique skill set as a PGA professional with a business background and fluency in Japanese led him to join the Japan contingent as their Operations Consultant. After six years immersed in Tokyo’s vibrant culture, Zack returned home to Muskoka, Ontario, craving weekends skiing, golfing, and summers on Georgian Bay with family and friends.

Having grown up in a family deeply entrenched in finance, Zack has embraced saving and investing as fundamental principles. This foundation spurred him to delve into the mortgage industry, where he explored advanced strategies such as The Smith Manoeuvre, Rental Cash Damming, and the often-overlooked benefits of reverse mortgages. Recognizing the transformative potential of these strategies, Zack feels compelled to share his expertise with as many individuals as possible. Failing to do so would be akin to disregarding a valuable opportunity to impact those he encounters positively.

With his extensive knowledge and dedication, Zack is committed to helping his clients navigate the complexities of the mortgage landscape and achieve their financial goals with confidence and clarity.

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